OK, you just wrote your scientific paper, you're happy with it and are proud of your work. By looking at the first page, we can easily see the title. It's hard not to see it, actually. Then why the f*ck do you have to put a capital for every first letter of every word of the title ? Do You Use "Special" Words Having Special Meanings That Make Only Sense By Putting Capitals On Them ?

Or is your paper sooooo important you absolutely have to use every dirty trick so that its title should jump in the eyes of your reader and gnaw on them ? Let me share a secret: if your paper was so ground-breaking, you wouldn't have to resort to such tactics. Besides, what special power given by your $DEITY allows you to disregard the usual syntax rules ?

Stop putting capitals all over the place. It makes reading your title chopped word by word, ending up being ludicrous than serious. I will be able to read your title in bold, 30pt characters as well, if not better, if you do not put capitals mindlessly.

Thank you for your attention.