I updated the Debian page with some new versions of the packages, and removed some that have entered Testing for some time already. Among those packages :

- liferea, one of the rare gtk-based rss reader out there

- xv. Yep, good ol' xv

- trang, for translations from/to relax-ng, dtd, etc

- xmonad, a minimalistic window manager programmed in Haskell. I had planned to use ion for quite some time but in the recent months ion's developer became, well, paranoid about the way its software is distributed. As a result ion became non-free per Debian's guidelines, and I don't like non-free. The good thing is that it somehow spawned the development of new Window managers, in many languages and/or based on already existing/deprecated window managers. Among those I seemed to like the most were xmonad and awesome (yep, it's called that), both of which now have Debian packages (except that xmonad seemed to be blocked in Sid at the moment, hence my backport). Now it's time to try those window managers once and for all ! Once I'm less busy :-(